A smart order and pay solution for the contactless digital era

Most of us already do everything through our smartphones, and with speed and convenience becoming increasingly important for many consumers, hospitality venues are having to re-think every customer interaction, including how we order and pay in pubs and restaurants.

Available exclusively for Zonal EPoS customers only, our fully customisable tableside ordering solution, Order and Pay, enables customers to order and pay for food and drink via their smartphone – without having to leave their seat.

No apps, no downloads, no queues

With our Order and Pay technology, customers take the ordering process into their own hands, using a webpage linked from your website or WiFi login page, or by scanning a QR code on their table using their mobile phone’s camera function to access a digital menu.

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This is Zonal's food ordering app

White-labelled for a consistent user experience

Our Order and Pay solution is fully customised with your branding and logos, giving customers a seamless ordering experience, with no confusing third-party logos or messaging.

Real-time menu and stock availability

Integration with Zonal’s EPoS gives customers a real-time view of your prices, stock and menu availability. Our full integration also means that you can publish site-specific meal deals and offers – great if you have a special promotion in a particular venue or have lots of stock you’d like to shift.

Same again?

With re-ordering accounting for an average 10% of total orders, customers can repeat their last order with a simple click of a button. So, if a group wants to order the same round of drinks, they don’t need to try and remember who ordered what.

Multiple Sales areas

If you have multiple sites or venues, with different layouts and areas, opening times, menus, products, pricing and promotions, you can set these up as separate sale areas with our order and pay solution.

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Safe and secure cash-free, contactless payment

Payments and card details are processed safely and securely by Braintree, with alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay also being accepted, giving your customers peace of mind that their payment information is safe with you.

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No rekeying needed

Integration with Zonal’s EPoS means there’s no need for your team to take orders from one system and input them into your EPoS. Drink orders are sent straight to the bar and food orders straight to your kitchen, so staff can start processing them as quickly as possible.

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Full EPoS integration

Order and Pay is fully integrated with Zonal’s suite of technology solutions. This means critical data is shared between systems, giving you greater operational efficiency and unparalleled insight into customer behaviour. For example, stock levels can be automatically updated as each order is placed, while customer spend can be linked to previous transactions to give you a better understanding of each customer’s preferences.

Bespoke mobile app

For brands in search of a bespoke customer experience via mobile, Zonal’s Order and Pay can also be incorporated into a fully customised mobile app, together with Click and Collect, Online Bookings, Loyalty and Vouchers – all integrated in real-time with Zonal’s EPoS.

Adding real value to your business

Zonal’s solutions are purpose-built for the hospitality industry, benefiting small independents and large chains alike.

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“The [Order & Pay] app really helps the team on the bar because it enables them to prioritise tickets. It’s more of an enjoyable experience for the customer as well because they’re not waiting in a queue. The app’s very popular. Normally when we prompt it to somebody we have an app and they’re on it.”
Jon, General Manager - The Stables

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