A smart solution for the smartphone era

Customers do everything through their smartphones; work, entertainment and social interaction all take place on their devices. It should be no surprise, therefore, that 69% of consumers have already placed food orders online using their mobiles. In fact, 44% of millennials said they would rather use their mobile than cash to pay for small items, while 45% of diners admit that the option to pay online would increase brand loyalty.

Order and Pay is Zonal’s integrated mobile ordering technology solution, empowering your customers to order and pay for their food and drink exactly as they want to – at their own convenience, and via their smartphone.

Never leave customers waiting

No one enjoys queuing at the bar waiting to be served. Similarly, waiting to catch the eye of service staff to take orders at the table is a common frustration from hospitality customers. Zonal’s mobile ordering app allows customers to order and pay for their food and drink whenever they want – without waiting to be served by a member of your team.

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This is Zonal's food ordering app

Never ask “who’s next?” again

At busy times your staff can be under a lot of pressure. As queues at the bar or service counter get bigger and noisier, it can be difficult to provide a great customer experience. Order and Pay makes life easier for your staff as well as your customers. The bar becomes a calmer place to be, and your team have more time to focus on chatting with customers and delivering exceptional service.

Perfect for different customer types

Ideal for anyone who would rather sit at their table with family and friends and order from the comfort of their seat, rather than walk to the bar and join a queue, Order and Pay is the ideal solution for many types of customers.

White-labelled for a better booking experience

Our mobile ordering system is fully customised with your venue’s branding and logos, giving customers a seamless ordering experience, with no confusing third-party logos or messaging.

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No rekeying needed

EPoS integration means there’s no need for your team to take orders from one system and input them into your EPoS. Drink orders are sent straight to the bar and food orders straight to your kitchen, so staff can start processing them as quickly as possible.

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Secure checkout

Order and Pay payments and card details are processed safely and securely, by Braintree, which also accepts alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Same again?

With Order and Pay, customers can repeat the last order with a simple click of a button. If a group wants to get the same round of drinks, whoever’s buying doesn’t have to try and remember who wants what.

Full EPoS integration

Order and Pay is fully integrated with Zonal’s suite of technology solutions. This means critical data is shared between systems, giving you greater operational efficiency and unparalleled insight into customer behaviour. For example, stock levels can be automatically updated as each order is placed, while customer spend can be linked to previous transactions to give you a better understanding of each customer’s preferences.

Real-time menu and stock availability

An additional advantage of EPoS integration is that customers always get a real-time view of your stock and menu availability, avoiding those awkward conversations where staff have to apologise and ask customers to place a different order.

EPoS integration also means that you can publish site-specific meal deals and offers – great if you have a special promotion in a particular venue or have lots of stock you’d like to shift!

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Adding real value to your business

Zonal’s solutions are purpose-built for the hospitality industry, benefiting small independents and large chains alike.

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“The [Order & Pay] app really helps the team on the bar because it enables them to prioritise tickets. It’s more of an enjoyable experience for the customer as well because they’re not waiting in a queue. The app’s very popular. Normally when we prompt it to somebody we have an app and they’re on it.”
Jon, General Manager - The Stables

Mobile ordering system works well with

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