Tampopo improves speed and control with Zonal’s kitchen management solution

Introducing Tampopo

Opened its first restaurant in Manchester in 1997

Now operates six restaurants, including one in London

Speed and accuracy crucial to delivering exceptional dishes

An existing Zonal EPoS customer

“I can walk into any one of our restaurants and see at a glance if the kitchen is in control of service. Before, I’d have to wade through a mountain of paper orders, which is time consuming.”
David Fox, CEO, Tampopo

The business challenge

Tampopo’s Asian cuisine places a big emphasis on fresh ingredients and a well-organised kitchen to serve up incredible Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese dishes. Analysing each kitchen’s performance and identifying areas for improvement was a difficult task.

Processing paper orders meant a high risk of human errors

Monitoring performance across the estate was a manual, time-consuming effort

Communication between front-of-house and the kitchen needed improving

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“As a business, Kitchen iQ has given us the data we need to plan for service much better, identifying key trading times that were previously going under the radar, such as Sundays. And most importantly Kitchen iQ is a big hit with our staff, who have all benefited from the technology.”
David Fox, CEO, Tampopo
This is the Kitchen Display System by Zonal

The solution

As an existing EPoS customer, they were very interested in Zonal’s integrated Kitchen iQ solution. This smart kitchen and service management solution improves speed, accuracy, and communication during the order process.

  • Orders are clearly presented on screens in the kitchen as soon as they’re taken
  • Automatic routing to relevant cooking stations improves speed and efficiency
  • Colour-coded screens indicate each order’s status
  • Front-of-house staff are paged when orders are ready

“For our front-of-house and kitchen staff, it’s also meant the entire process is digitalised reducing mistakes and speeding up the food delivery process. This has definitely had a positive impact on our customer satisfaction results!”
David Fox, CEO, Tampopo


Kitchen iQ delivers fantastic results for in-venue teams. Communication is improved, and kitchen staff have more time to focus on delivering delicious dishes. Meanwhile, management benefit from at-a-glance visibility when reporting on performance across the estate.

Orders sent to the kitchen automatically
EPoS integration for operational efficiency
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Eliminated need to examine paper orders
“Zonal’s Aztec EPoS system has transformed our business and given us a platform on which we can manage everything from our stock control through to table management, and now kitchen management.”
David Fox, CEO, Tampopo

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