Teens & Tech: Always on – the teenage view of social media and what this means for hospitality

Our recent research among teenagers and their attitudes towards technology and hospitality shows how teens are using social media, and how operators will need to consider their own use of social media if they are to engage with this demographic.

Social media is central to the way teenagers communicate. With 95% of teens now owning a smartphone, and 52% admitting to being ‘always online’, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that social media plays a dominant role in daily life for many.

Having a Facebook account that gets updated once a month isn’t going to cut it. Teenagers live on social – 68% of teenagers ‘always use social media’ –  and are likely to find you there first. Our research found that 42% visited a venue after seeing it online, so your reach, engagement and the impression (as well as impressions) you make, are only going to grow in importance.

With 42% of the ‘always online’ group admitting to visiting a venue because they’ve seen it on social media, and 25% visiting because it would look good on their own platforms, ensuring that you’re maintaining an attractive presence across your social media platforms will be integral to enticing this demographic through your doors.

For more insights into teenagers’ thoughts on hospitality and technology, download the full report Face-to-Face Time: The teenage take on hospitality and technology.

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