In Conversation: The role of online travel agents and how to drive more direct bookings

Our recent GO Technology research Holidaying at Home: What guests want from hotels in 2023 revealed the significant opportunity for hoteliers to boost revenue and drive repeat business by encouraging guests to book direct.

In this episode of In Conversation, we sat down with the Institute of Hospitality and their members to explore role OTAs play, and how they should be utilised, as part of a hotel’s marketing strategy, the importance of building trust and loyalty with guests for repeat business, and how important it is to ensure your online presence is doing everything it can do draw in those all-important direct bookings.

Watch the discussion for actionable insights, including:

  • How to leverage both direct bookings and OTAs in your business as part of your overall marketing mix
  • The importance of optimised websites, booking journeys and social media in driving direct bookings
  • Discussion on how both OTAs and direct bookings are already being utilised in the industry
  • What guests are looking for from hotels in 2023