How hoteliers can encourage guests to book direct

An exclusive whitepaper exploring different strategies hoteliers can employ to boost direct bookings, and how this can benefit your business

With the rise in popularity of staycations in recent years comes an increased opportunity for hoteliers to improve RevPAR through encouraging guests to book direct rather than via an Online Travel Agent.

In a recent roundtable, hosted in collaboration with the Institute of Hospitality, we sat down with experts in the hotels sector for an in-depth discussion on the challenges involved with getting guests to book their accommodation directly with the hotel, and the revenue-boosting opportunity for businesses that get this right.

From collecting more valuable guest data to drive more effective marketing, to greater upselling opportunities, and building brand loyalty that generates more repeat business, direct bookings offer so much more than just reducing your commission bill…

What's in the whitepaper?

  • The role OTAs play in building brand awareness and reach
  • How to better gather and utilise your guest data to increase revenue
  • The importance of reviews and building a strong online presence via social media
  • How to better leverage your technology to streamline processes and improve guest experiences once they have made a booking