Segmentation and the power of personalised comms

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Blog: Five ways to grow your loyalty scheme with ad-hoc rewards

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What makes people loyal to hospitality and how venues can maintain their loyalty

Hospitality has now fully reopened at maximum capacity, so for all operators in the sector, getting your marketing plan right and communicating with your loyal guests is more important than ever.

The possibilities of segmentation are endless, with most third-party software solutions now hooked into company CRMs via API, there is a wealth of knowledge about guests and their behaviour. How often they go out, what time of day, and even what they order.

Here are the best uses of segmentation to entice guests back to your business again and again:

1. Visit frequency triggered emails

Often simple is best, there’s no need to immediately jump into complicated logic-flow automation. Visit frequency is a piece of data that is available for most guests through a number of tech systems, such as Wi-Fi logins, loyalty card usage, pre-booking information, or an Order & Pay app.

Let guests know you appreciate their loyalty and drop them a note on their 5th visit, and if you include a voucher to treat them to a free dessert or drink on their next visit, this is likely to shorten the length of time between visits.

2. Birthday wishes

This is a super simple way to surprise and delight your guests. Also, a ‘it’s your birthday soon…’ email 1 or 2 weeks before the actual date is a great way to put your venue foremost in their mind when booking a place to celebrate with their family and friends.

3. Time and day of visit

Knowing what time guests usually visit your venue is very valuable, as it gives you the opportunity to promote other offerings and convert them to not only guests who visit for breakfast once a month, but guests who now also visit for dinner and drinks every other week with 3 friends.

4. Interests

There are multiple ways of getting to know your customers and their interests, for example, via Facebook data when logging into the venue Wi-Fi, or through booking data to see what events and themed nights they may have previously attended.

Facebook like data is particularly valuable, as it can be used to target Facebook ads to specific guests who ‘like’, for example, Katy Perry’s page. When Katy’s live tour stops in the nearby town or city, why not run a social campaign targeting all her fans who have previously visited your venue, offering a free Katy-cocktail to all guests who show their ticket before the show.

Maximise your data collection and better understand your guests with Wireless Social Wi-Fi. Automatically push all these data points into your CRM and social accounts to target guests with relevant, timely and personalised messages with connectors.

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