Top 6 Order & Pay Dos and Don’ts

With concerns about protecting employees, customers and communities from COVID-19, mobile ordering and payment technology has been pushed to the fore faster than any hospitality technology trend before it.

Zonal has been working with thousands of operators to support their order and pay solution requirements for several years now, but in October alone, we saw £15 million worth of contactless food and drink orders processed through our mobile ordering solutions – the highest on our records, with that number expected to rise once lockdown restrictions are lifted again.

Aside from the safety benefits of contactless order and pay, the technology has significant customer experience benefits too. What’s more, it’s very quickly become the expectation from customers. So whilst customers are currently confined to their homes for another four-week ‘lock-down’, now’s the time to get on the front foot with Order and Pay technology, ready for the industry to open back up again.

As with any new technology rollout, there are critical steps and pitfalls which determine its success or failure and we’ve put together a few Dos and Don’ts to help you make a success of your new order and payment solution.

1. Don’t rush your decision

With restrictions and government guidelines changing almost by the day, operators are having to make quick decisions, pivot business models on the spot and adapt to what is expected of them with only a moment’s notice. However, making a quick decision about a technology solution is not always the best decision, so make sure you take the time to do your research to find the right online ordering system for your business. Think through exactly how staff are going to quickly receive and manage orders, without disrupting other existing operations. Why not write a checklist of all the things you want your order and pay technology to be able to do, and be sure to speak to a few providers before making your decision.

2. Do check it’s future-proofed

Ensuring that your system is future-proofed is vital. A short-term solution could end up as a long-term headache, which drains more of your time than it saves. Does your online ordering system seamlessly integrate with your POS, so that orders are sent straight to the kitchen without your staff having to manually re-key orders? Does it give your customers a real-time view of your prices, stock, menu availability and offers? These are all things that need to be considered when choosing the right order and pay system and things that could very quickly become a drain of your time.

3. Do set KPIs and review them regularly

The best way to ensure a return on investment on your order and pay app is to review its performance against a set of KPIs that you set at the beginning of the project. You can quickly identify what’s working and what’s not, and prioritise any areas for improvement. You might want to set KPIs around the number of users, average spend or other important goals for your specific venue.

4. Don’t underestimate the importance of testing

Order and Pay is an extension of your brand and is an essential part of the customer experience. Make sure you test it out for yourself and ask staff, friends and family to do the same, to make sure you are happy the user experience. You’ll find that their feedback and engagement will enhance the overall success when it’s time to launch and could also give you some valuable nuggets of feedback that turn it from a standard solution to one that really flies!

5. Do take the time to train staff

Your staff can be your biggest advocates. It might seem straightforward but staff knowing how to use it inside out will be critical to its success. Take the time to train your staff thoroughly and allow all your staff to trial it.

6. Don’t expect your Order and Pay solution to sell itself

Just launching a mobile order and pay solution doesn’t guarantee it will be used. Your staff will be your main promotional channel for using the service, but it’s equally important to utilise every marketing tool in your kit. Whether it’s point of sale material on tables, till receipts, posters on toilet doors, on your website or emails, making customers aware that they are now able to order from the seat of their table will ensure its success.

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