Making the Stock and Order business case to your FD

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Making the business case to Finance for hospitality technology

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Transform your hotel’s back-of-house operations with hospitality tech

Making the Stock and Order business case to your board

Stock levels are a major cause for concern for your senior decision makers. Over ordering can lead to wastage and too much cash tied up in stock, while staff panic-buying goods from non-approved suppliers can eat into profits.

But at the same time, your board is unlikely to approve a new stock and order tech solution without proof that it will help save the business time and money.

That’s where our new eGuide helps, spelling out what makes your board tick and the benefits our new and improved Stock and Order solution delivers, including:

  • Minimising costs by ensuring the right product is always ordered from the right supplier at the agreed price
  • Real-time stock information that’s updated as goods are depleted and replenished
  • Automatic reconciliation that makes invoice reconciliation quick and efficient

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