EPoS rollout is smooth sailing for Stonegate

Introducing Stonegate

Established in 2010

The largest privately held managed pub operator in the UK

12,000 employees

772 pubs and bars

Brands include Slug & Lettuce, Walkabout and Yates

“We were looking for a partner that was able to implement a new system quickly and effectively with minimal impact on our dynamic business and training was key.”
Dave Ross, Chief Financial Officer, Stonegate

The business challenge

Stonegate was looking for a new EPoS system that fully integrated into its existing Loyalty scheme and sought a provider that could install and roll out the technology as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to the business.

Needed EPoS software that integrated into Loyalty scheme

Wanted a quick, pain-free rollout across the entire estate

Required no disruption to the business

Required peace of mind from comprehensive training provider

The solution

Zonal’s EPoS solution was installed into Stonegate’s existing terminals, together with the introduction of Zonal’s system in both back and head office and the complete integration of the Stonegate’s loyalty scheme and app.

  • The ambitious rollout programme included a 40 site trial
  • A rapid implementation phase converting 60+ sites per week
  • To ensure all sites were installed and ready for trading, Zonal hosted bespoke training sessions prior to going live
  • Zonal provided onsite support on the day of switchover

“This was a major investment for us, which required minimum disruption to the business. Having a Zonal representative on site on day one was extremely important to make sure that the pub could continue to trade and that the team were supported through this important change. The Zonal helpline was key to ensuring our team had the right back-up and support”
Dave Ross, Chief Financial Officer, Stonegate


Zonal’s unique approach to training and support throughout the installation and rollout process gave Stonegate confidence and peace of mind that the switchover to Zonal technology would be completed as quickly as possible.

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Rollout to all sites completed in 3 months
Staff can spend less time back-of-house dealing with admin, and more time front-of-house looking after customers.
Full support provided throughout the rollout process
Onsite support provided on go-live day

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