Teens & Tech: Decisions, decisions – how teenagers decide where to eat and drink

Our recent research among teenagers and their attitudes towards technology and hospitality reveals the top factors that influence their decisions on where to go to eat and drink:

  • Quality of food and drink
  • Cost
  • How a venue looks and feels
  • Availability of healthy options
  • Availability of WiFi
  • How good food or drinks look on social media

While social media and the availability of WiFi are significant when it comes to deciding which café or restaurant to visit, so too are more traditional factors. Quality of product, high standards, atmosphere, what your friends think, are all highly relevant to Gen Z, just as they are to the Millennials, Gen X and the Baby Boomers before them.

The availability of healthy options also ranked high in importance for many teens, perhaps being indicative of a more health-conscious generation? And whilst traditional factors still rank highest, access to WiFi and shareability on socials clearly indicate a potential shift in priorities for next generation hospitality consumers.

As with any of demographic, understanding why teens choose to visit a venue will be key for operators looking to attract them into their venues, now and in future.

Our surveys and focus groups of more than 500 teenagers aged between 13 and 17 reveal more eyebrow-raising findings – download the full report to read more!

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