The Stable boosts customer experience and revenue with Order and Pay

Introducing The Stable

Attracts almost 1 million visitors a year

Part of the Fuller’s family

Each venue uses ingredients sourced locally to them

Fine food and crafted cider set within an alluring atmosphere

“The demand is definitely there for order and pay apps and is fast becoming a consumer expectation when going out for food and drink.”
David Gough, Operations Director The Stable

The business challenge

The Stable wanted to speed up service at busy times, helping to provide a better customer experience and relieve stress on staff. They also wanted to develop an app that tapped into the popularity of smartphones, giving customers a convenient mobile experience.

A central location meant occasional long queues at the bar

This created a challenging working environment for staff

Impossible to chat and interact with guests

The customer experience was being compromised

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“The app’s popularity has exceeded our expectations. Our regular customers know what they want and are keen to beat the queues during busy periods, so they love the app for its ease of use and speed of service.”
David Gough, Operations Director The Stable
This is Zonal's mobile food ordering app

The solution

Using Zonal’s mobile ordering app technology, Order & Pay, The Stable rolled out its app across 17 venues. The app gives customers a seamless brand experience, from browsing and booking to ordering and paying securely in each venue.

  • Customers can see real-time availability and book via the app
  • Once in-venue they can order and pay for food and drink from the comfort of their seat
  • Staff have a steady flow of orders, minimising stress in the kitchen and behind the bar
  • With no need to manually rekey orders, staff have more time to focus on delivering a great customer experience

“What has been surprising is the complete mixture of ages and types of people using the app, which ranges from young people, to families and pensioners!”
David Gough, Operations Director The Stable


The app has proved hugely popular on both sides of the bar! Customers love the option of ordering and paying from their seat without having to queue at the bar. And staff appreciate the extra time they have to process orders and chat with customers when taking their food and drink to their table.

Uplift in sales
Downloads in the first six months
4.7 stars out of 5 in the App Store
App for a seamless customer experience
“When customers see how the Order & Pay app works and how quickly the food and drink come to the table they’re normally very surprised.”
Jon, General Manager, The Stable

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