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Oakman Group achieves a ‘high level’ view of their service offering with Zonal’s PMS

Introducing the Oakman Group

Award-winning Pub & Hotel operator

41 properties in England, many Grade 2 listed

Voted one of the Top 25 best companies to work for in the UK

Champions of supporting charities and local communities via their Heart of Oak initiative

“What is key, is having the same tech stack in all the properties. This means that our Head Office has the ability to dial in and support the teams, but also means we have centralised reporting.”
Sales & Revenue Manager, Oakman Group

The business challenge

As consumers continue to drive demand for innovative tools that enable them to curate their own accommodation and dining experiences, hoteliers are relying more and more on technology to deliver the faster, seamless experience that guests expect, at every stage of their journey.

As a company that prides itself on delivering top-quality hospitality and service to its guests, the Oakman Group is continuously looking for ways to enhance the guest experience, and were keen to implement a tech solution that was intuitive and efficient, allowing team members to focus on serving guests. The business was also going through a phase of expansion, acquiring new sites, and with many of their pub sites offering overnight accommodation too, they needed a Property Management System (PMS) that could be implemented seamlessly across the whole business, whilst still allowing them to provide the same consistent exceptional service in any newly opened sites.

“We use the Zonal products to allow us to capture guest data and track how our guests are interacting with our business. The integration between the platforms that the guest uses along that journey is key.”
Sales & Revenue Manager, Oakman Group

The solution

As an existing Zonal EPoS customer, Zonal’s innovative cloud-based PMS, High Level, was an easy add-on for the Oakman Group, as the Property Management System was already fully integrated into the group’s existing EPoS.

Having a fully integrated system allowed them to manage both their pub and accommodation offering across all sites in one portal, sharing all data between systems, creating a seamless guest journey. This in turn allowed for better reporting, centralised rate and revenue management and an increase in productivity, enabling them to make vital changes on a group level instead of repeating the same task multiple times.

  • Fully integrated system with existing EPoS, that allows them to manage both their pub and accommodation offering in one portal, with real-time visibility
  • A hotel PMS system that reports on all key metrics, across as many properties as needed
  • The Property Management System’s modern design makes it easy to use, which in turn means minimal staff training and quicker roll-outs
  • Centralised rate and revenue management – ability to manage rates from one location, very helpful for group level sites
  • Fully mobile and contactless check-in/check-out option
  • 2-way, real time integration to over 200 booking channels
  • In-depth reporting across the group

High Level provides the Oakman Group with a scalable solution, designed with groups in mind. With minimal set up fees for new sites opening, and the opportunity to manage their business operations from one central location, the solution is able to support their ambitious growth plans.

“A product that works for you, does what you want it to do, and is a really good tech solution, such as High Level, helps you achieve your business goals, which is vital.”
Sales & Revenue Manager, Oakman Group


By Implementing Zonal’s High Level PMS, the Oakman Group now have access to an unrivalled suite of guest experience and revenue management solutions for their business, allowing them to have more visibility and control over their entire estate. With seamless integrations into Zonal’s wider technology eco-system, the Oakman Group now have all the data they need to make smart decisions and fewer mistakes, meaning that their streamlined approach enables guests to receive the faster, seamless service they expect.

Cost savings: £0 booking commission, low new-site roll-out project costs
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Time savings and boost in staff productivity
Improved guest service and experience
Reduced need for staff training

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