As a versatile marketing tool, Zonal’s Voucher Manager can be used to drive sales, influence customer behaviour and reward loyalty. Available exclusively to Zonal EPoS customers, Zonal’s Voucher solution is a unique marketing tool, enabling you to create or import voucher codes for the redemption of promotions or discounts during the payment process or at the point-of-sale.

A range of benefits and uses

Our voucher manager solution can deliver a wide range of benefits to your hospitality business, including incentivising additional spend and increasing the frequency of visits through tactical promotions and offers. Triggered voucher codes can be issued to thank customers for their loyalty or distributed to prospects to encourage them to give your venue a try.

Fully integrated for rich redemption controls

Voucher redemption is automatically done at any point-of-sale. This means there’s no special training or instructions necessary for your staff. Simple visual prompts will tell your staff what to do when taking payments via vouchers – easy for both customers and staff.

This is Zonal's voucher solution
This is Zonal's voucher solution

Personalised vouchers for greater engagement

If you know that a customer orders the vegetarian option, why send them promotional vouchers for steak night? Our fully EPoS-integrated Voucher solution facilitates intelligent use of your customer data. Use previous spend history and personal preferences to dictate the nature of your voucher, making it relevant to each and every one of your customers. This is a sure-fire way to increase the likelihood of voucher redemption and engagement.

Make your customers feel valued and appreciated

Everyone loves to save money. Zonal’s Voucher Manager solution is an easy way for your customers to enjoy a discount and feel like they’re getting a special treat. And because they’re made to feel special, they are likely to view your venue positively, increasing the probability of them visiting again or recommending your venue to their family and friends.

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Build a loyal customer base

Show your most loyal customers that they’re valued and appreciated. Targeted vouchers and promotions can be used to thank them for their custom, prompting them to take advantage of their vouchers and make a return visit.

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Recover lost or lapsed customers

Re-engage lost or lapsed customers and keep your venue at the top of mind with Voucher Manager.

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Easy to set up and distribute

You choose how and when to distribute your easy to print vouchers. Generate vouchers dynamically for digital distribution by email or print them on the receipt when a transaction is made in-venue.

Link voucher redemptions to basket spend and customer behaviour

EPoS integration makes it easy for you to use redemption data to help evaluate campaign engagement and ROI metrics. By analysing this information, you can easily determine which voucher campaigns have been the most successful, and which have been of least interest, which will help you understand customer behaviour and plan your future campaigns.

Set your own redemption rules

You control and restrict how and when vouchers can be redeemed. You might want to limit redemptions to weekdays when your venue is likely to be less busy and exclude weekend redemptions when you’ll have plenty of paying customers anyway. You decide which rules will make the biggest difference for your venue.

This is Zonal's voucher redemption system

Vouchers work well with

Mobile Order and Pay

Keep staff and customers safe and COVID-compliant by empowering guests to take the ordering and payment process into their own hands. Available exclusively to Zonal EPoS customers, this fully customisable solution is deployed quickly and simply via your website.

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