The value of hospitality: Exploring consumer insights and perceptions

Why do consumers still love restaurants, pubs and bars? What is it that makes hospitality special? Our exclusive research in partnership with UK Hospitality and CGA by NIQ reveals all.

Despite  many consumers tightening their purse strings, hospitality still has a vital role to play in the social lives of Britain’s consumers. But what is it about hospitality that consumers really and truly value?

This exclusive consumer research of 5,000 GB consumers, conducted in partnership with UK Hospitality and CGA by NIQ , reveals what aspects of the industry consumers love the most; from why people choose to go out instead of staying in, to what aspects of a pub, bar or restaurant’s offering would keep making them come back for more.

What's in the report?

  • Why hospitality matters to consumers – top 5 reasons
  • Why consumers choose to go out instead of staying in
  • The top factors that would make consumers return to a pub, bar or restaurant
  • Which consumers are still engaging regularly with hospitality despite cost pressures

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