Are pubs missing a trick by not live streaming popular reality shows ?

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The British summer paired with the success of the world cup has resulted in the pub trade thriving and revelling in an increase in sales across the UK. However, there’s still the challenge of attracting and luring in millennial’s, the Morning Advertiser discussed how a few pubs have also cashed in on the popularity of shows such as Love Island drawing in as many as 3.4 million viewers each night to catch up on the latest drama from the villa where single individuals battle it out to win both a cash prize and (hopefully) a partner.

Not only is Love Island on our TV’s, it’s trending on twitter, appearing on our Instagram explore pages with constant memes mocking the islanders and of course taking over our topics of conversation wherever we are. The clear assumption is you either tune in or you look completely gormless when your friends ask what you think of the latest ‘recoupling’.

Pub owners rub their hands together at the idea of opening their doors and allowing a stamped to come flooding in for any popular sporting event but are they missing a trick for not streaming popular reality shows that have the nation hooked?  With the final looming and just like the World Cup people itching to join forces to watch after dedicating two months of 6 episodes a week, it seems foolish for pubs to not cash in if they haven’t already.

The Zonal and CGA GO Technology report found that almost a quarter of 18 to 34 year olds cite lack of trust as their biggest barrier to engaging with a brand. Therefore, it’s important for venues to build a relationship, get to know their audience and understand the best way to appeal to them. Further to this, 42% of people are likely to use some form of technological innovation while drinking or dining out and with the show taking over all social platforms why not get your venue mentioned for joining in the fun?

Zonal is the leading provider of integrated hospitality management solutions to over 15,000 leisure and hospitality businesses across the UK. With solutions for every step of the customer journey such as iServeLoyaltyorder and pay and many more your customers can come to your venue take a seat and know their going to receive an exceptional level of service. So when you are contemplating the idea of a Love Island event at your venue make sure you have the technology to accommodate.

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