GO Technology Report: Order and Pay Technology in the COVID-era

The COVID-19 pandemic has put digital solutions at centre stage in the consumer journey and hospitality’s safety precautions, but how have consumers reacted to this change when eating and drinking out? Zonal and CGA’s latest GO Technology report reveals its latest findings.

Before the pandemic, around a fifth (18%) of the 5,000 UK adults surveyed, said they typically used technology to order and pay for food and drink. However, that number has more than doubled to 43% since hospitality reopened emphasising the pivotal role that technology has played in hospitality since the end of the first lockdown.

Customers feel safer with order and pay technology

The GO Technology findings emphasise the very close correlation between digital ordering solutions and customer concerns over safety. Some 40% of consumers say they feel safer in venues that use order and pay technology, demonstrating how it has been an important tool in operators’ efforts to give people the confidence to eat and drink out during the pandemic. And this is a factor when choosing a venue with more than a third (34%) stating they would be more likely to visit a venue that has order-and-pay technology.

How have customer reacted to the change, what’s driving their behaviour and needs? Download the full report to uncover all the findings.

About the data 

The report is based on figures from Zonal and CGA’s GO Technology survey, a sample of 5,000 nationally representative British consumers. All figures are taken from the October 2020 edition of the survey. The frontline perspective is taken from a survey to CGA’s Hospitality Professionals panel.

Download the full report