Making the holiday park experience pitch perfect: How to delight a new era of guests

In our latest consumer research report, we reveal that an increase in demand for visits to the holiday park sector brings with it exciting opportunities for growth. But as with any sector, greater demand brings greater expectations, especially with on-site hospitality facilities such as restaurants, bars and cafes.

The report identifies that adoption of technology for the holiday sector is far from universal, with fewer than half of holiday park guests saying technology for at-table ordering (45%) and table bookings (42%) were available on their last visit.

There is however a latent demand for technology in this sector, with two thirds (67%) of holiday park guests agreeing it is as important to have technology solutions like these in their park as it is in the outside world, and a similar number (64%) say they improve the quality of their stay.

Download the full report to discover guest expectations, and what holiday parks can do to meet them in 2022 and beyond.

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