Since “normal service” was resumed on 19 July 2021, no-shows have cost the UK hospitality industry:


New research by Zonal shows 1 in 7 customers simply don’t turn up for their booking. And among younger age groups, it is as high as 1 in 3.

No-shows cost the hospitality industry an estimated £17.6 billion in lost sales every year. The financial impact and significance of this lost revenue is felt even more keenly by already hard-pressed hospitality businesses as they focus on rebuilding from the pandemic.

“No shows have been a blight on the industry for many, many years, but with tens of thousands of hospitality businesses in such a fragile state following prolonged periods of closure and heavily-restricted trading, they are currently deeply damaging to venues. Our pubs, bars and restaurants deserve our support.”
Kate Nicholls, CEO, UKHospitality

The pandemic has highlighted the vital role pubs, bars and restaurants play in our communities and the affection with which they are held. As the sector begins to rebuild, we want to use this moment to highlight the harm no-shows have on these businesses and to educate consumers on the financial and operational impact caused by not turning up for a booking.

Our research has shown 60% of consumers have made a reservation since hospitality reopened in April – a movement which is very much welcomed by the industry. However, one in every eight customers is more likely to no-show than they were before the pandemic. This shows there is still more to be done in highlighting the damaging effects they have on operators, whilst encouraging them to always honour their booking or tell the venue in advance.

“No-shows have come into sharp focus since the pandemic: they’ve been a bugbear for years, and the sales and cost implications are especially painful now. Reducing no-shows will be a big priority in the months ahead, especially as Christmas nears.”
Karl Chessell, Director – Hospitality Operators and Food, EMEA at CGA

Now is the time to call for change in behaviour and a refreshed relationship between customers and hospitality venues. Join a coalition of industry leaders and businesses to increase awareness of the impact of no-shows and encourage consumers to always #ShowUpForHospitality.

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“Pubs, bars and restaurants play a vital role in our communities and it’s important we continue to support them after this challenging time. While the pandemic has prompted a new-found appreciation and understanding of hospitality among many consumers, there is still more to be done in encouraging them to always honour their booking or tell the venue in advance”

Olivia FitzGerald, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Zonal
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“Pre pandemic the UK Hospitality Industry paid over £39bn in taxation, monies that went directly to local and national authorities for the betterment of our communities. No-shows don’t just harm the operators, during an extremely challenging time, but by costing our industry billions, they also harm our ability to contribute to our economy, and that affects every one of us. How to stop this? Simple, no more no shows!”
Robert Richardson FIH, Chief Executive, Institute of Hospitality
“I’ve conducted sales audits on businesses and in most cases the audit uncovers an incredibly high ‘no-show’ rate with few processes in place to minimise its impact. We all know the repercussions for our sector when this happens. For me it’s obvious. I’d rather have 50% less customers who all turn up than over inflated pre-booked sales where I’m lucky if 30% show up.”
Amber Staynings, CEO, Bums on Seats