No-shows are on the rise again. The number of customers not turning up for bookings has doubled from 6% in September 2022 to 12% in 2023, costing the industry an estimated £17.59bn per year..

GO Technology Consumer Research: Scale and causes of no-shows after lockdown

The latest GO Technology report from Zonal and CGA reveals that no-shows are now costing the industry a staggering £17.6bn a year and rising, exacerbating the devastating financial impact of the pandemic.

Since hospitality venues reopened in April 2021, the report identifies 14% of consumers have failed to turn up for a reservation without telling the venue, with one in eight (12%) people saying they are more likely to no-show than they were before the pandemic.

The research also highlights a strong correlation between no shows and age, with 18–34-year-olds being the worst offenders when it comes to no-shows. Over a quarter (28%) of 18-34-year-olds have not honoured their bookings, compared to just 1% of those aged 55 or over.

Discover more about the true scale of the problem, why consumers aren’t fulfilling their bookings as well as their current views on deposits, reminders and cancellations.

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About the data

This report is based on figures from Zonal and CGA’s GO Technology survey, a sample of 5,000 nationally representative British consumers. All figures are taken from the 2021 editions of the survey.

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