Butcher & Catch hooks up with Zonal

Introducing Butcher & Catch

An independent restaurant based in Sheffield

Founded in 2017 by business partners, Liam Ridge and Adam Pearce

Born from a desire to create a space where the experience is just as important as the food

Provenance, quality and sustainability are the values that underpin the business

“Our restaurant is not located on a highly trafficked road, it’s a destination restaurant, so immediacy and live availability to a reservations diary was key.”
Adam Ridge, Co-owner and Founder, Butcher & Catch

The business challenge

Butcher & Catch knew that the ability to manage and control the volume and flow of bookings was vital for a successful launch and wanted to avoid any potential negative customer experiences due to overbooking.

The restaurant is not located on a highly trafficked road

This is a calendar icon

Live availability within a reservations diary was vital

Wanted full control of over volume and flow of bookings

Risk of overbooking on launch

The solution

Choosing Zonal’s all-in-one online booking and table management system, liveRES Tables, meant they could open with confidence, knowing that they had full control over volume and flow of bookings. They were also able to protect the business from any potential negative customer experiences due to overbooking, which in turn led to a totally successful launch.

  • An all-in-one online booking and table management system – liveRES Tables
  • A seamless, mobile-friendly reservations system that allows customers to book with confidence
  • A user-friendly system which means staff training is quick and painless

“Using liveRES Tables meant we could open with confidence, knowing that we had full control over volume and flow of bookings. We could protect ourselves from any potential negative customer experiences due to overbooking, which in turn led to a totally successful launch.”
Adam Pearce, Co-owner and Founder, Butcher & Catch


Butcher & Catch now have greater table visibility and EPoS integration means that moving tables and juggling customers and tabs in-session is fast and simple.  By managing available booking times, they can fit in extra sittings, and therefore increase yield and revenue.

Control of volume and flow of bookings
Calendar icon
100% visibility of in-session diners and table availability
Insight into trends and busy times to strategically plan available slots
This is a graph icon
Increased profits thanks to improved yield
This is a clock icon
A stress-free, successful launch

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    Top five things to consider when choosing an EPoS system

    This is a Zonal EPoS system
    A robust EPoS is fast becoming fundamental to any hospitality business today. Ensuring that you have the right access to the right technology is essential for delivering great service to customers and can offer operational advantages too. So, what do you need to consider when you’re looking for a new EPoS for your business?

    1. A custom choice

    For most businesses a ‘one size fits all’ solution may not be suitable – a custom EPoS is much easier to integrate with your existing systems and optimise your investment. When searching for a new EPoS, make sure that you have a good idea of what is likely to be the best fit in terms of the existing infrastructure you already have in place. Here at Zonal, we tailor our system around your unique requirements, maximising efficiency with the systems you already have in place.

    1. Ease of use

    A sign of a great EPoS system is one where all staff can be trained and start using it in no time. An interface that is intuitive is therefore a must, and the ability to use touchscreen technology also helps. Personalisation is key, with the ability to plan menus, make seasonal changes and special events, ensuring every site has the correct items at the right time. As well as ensuring that staff are comfortable with the day-to-day use of the EPoS system, check how easy it is to update the software. Ideally, team members should be able to quickly install updates without the need to contact the EPoS system vendor.

    1. Customer experience

    An EPoS has a lot to contribute to customer experience, as it will enable you to give customers choice when it comes to payment methods. If they can’t pay the way they want to, then they will simply choose to go elsewhere to spend their money. Integrated payment systems connect to your EPoS, allowing you to send the amount be paid directly to the machine without manual entry. Payment processes are simplified, quicker and more efficient enabling you to turn tables faster, streamline processes and reduce operating costs.

    1. Make your staff more mobile and effective

    Along with mobile payments, handheld ordering delivers a cost effective, reliable replacement to the traditional order pad. You can instantly create a handheld EPoS terminal, providing an intuitive user experience, with team members taking orders from anywhere in your venue. Staff visits to the bar and kitchen are reduced, leaving more time to focus on providing great customer service.

    1. Ongoing Support

    When you’re considering a new EPoS system, ongoing support is essential. Many off-the-shelf options today don’t include this as standard and, once the system is up and running, you’re on your own. At Zonal, we know that hospitality isn’t just 9-5. Our Edinburgh based technical support centre is open 365 days a year, from 8am to midnight.

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      Black Ivy hotel transforms guest experience with integrated technology solution

      Black Ivy is a stylish neighbourhood bar and boutique hotel, located in the leafy Edinburgh suburb of Bruntsfield.

      Having undergone a significant investment by Caledonia Inns two years ago, Revenue Manager, John Mustard also wanted to upgrade Black Ivy’s outdated technology to support the hotel’s focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

      Zonal was the only solution to go for according to John.  Having worked with Zonal throughout his 30 year hospitality career, John had never found a technology partner that could match the range of solutions offered by Zonal and the 24/7 support service.

      “I have worked with other technology providers over the years, but Zonal always stands out for its intuitive, smart design and reliability.  Zonal spent 40 years perfecting the technology, which always keeps up to speed with advancements, so you know it’s going to work, be relevant and not let you down.  Also, the support is excellent; the help desk is quick to respond any time, even at weekends,” says John.

      Following its refurbishment, Black Ivy has fast become popular with locals, as well as with visitors to Edinburgh.  The hotel boasts 22 uniquely designed bedrooms and two busy bars and a popular food offer, dishing up classics with a twist, averaging 1,000 covers a week.

      The Drafthouse, specialises in offering a range of lagers, craft creations and guest taps on rotation and is renowned for its Tank Beer.  Also featuring a stage area, regular live entertainment is a big hit.  Outside, there is a 60-seater al fresco Terrace, which overlooks Bruntsfield Links Park.  Featuring fire pits, customers enjoy a campfire vibe outside and with two full-size table tennis tables inside, the venue is a great place to mix business with pleasure.

      For John and his Black Ivy team, Zonal technology has made managing all the different elements of the business seamless.  Zonal’s EPoS system connects with the hotel’s property management system (PMS), Rezlynx, so residential guests can bill any drinks and food directly to their room tab.

      John explains: “For us this is a big plus of Zonal; its technology is incredibly flexible so can integrate with other technology solutions that we may have, such as Rezlynx.  This means that our Zonal EPoS is the single reporting vehicle for our accounts team, giving them real-time data that allows us to keep a handle on sales and overheads.”

      But it’s not just about operations, the customer journey is also key to Black Ivy’s success.  Zonal’s kitchen management system, Kitchen iQ, has been a game changer along with iServe, a handheld electronic order pad that offers access to EPoS functionality on an iPod or iPad from anywhere in the venue.

      John adds: “With two bars, including our popular Terrace, switching to iServe has been a winner for our team.  They no longer have to run back and forth to the bar to process orders, giving them more time to focus on our customers.  Food orders are also fed directly into Aztec and sent through to the kitchen, again saving time and the risk of mistakes.

      “Our chefs really liked Kitchen iQ as the system makes their lives easier and less stressful.  Now if you ask them would they go back to paper, the answer is a resounding no!”

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        SA Brain makes the intelligent choice with Zonal

        Introducing SA Brain

        Family run brewing business, established in 1882

        One of Wales’ best-loved brands

        220 pubs, inns and hotels

        Brewers of an award-winning, diverse range of beers

        “If you had told me at the start of this journey that we would have achieved a total of 183 installations without a hitch or single failure, then I would have laughed. But all credit to Zonal, thanks to their knowledge, expertise and support that’s exactly what has been achieved, and we look forward to building on this partnership over the coming months and years.”
        Steve Hicks, IT & Hospitality Manager, SA Brains
        This is Zonal's loyalty system

        The solution

        Welsh brewer, pub and hotel business, SA Brain, completed a seamless rollout of Zonal’s hospitality technology solutions to its 110 managed houses in just three months. All technology systems are fully integrated and comprise of Loyalty, Feed It Back guest feedback and Gift Cards.

        • 110 sites live in three months
        • Solutions adopted include EPoS, Loyalty, Gift Cards and guest feedback
        • All technology solutions integrate with EPoS and with each other
        • 57 sites also live with Zonal’s handheld, digital order pad, iServe enabling team members to take orders, print and process payments remotely
        • Piloting EPoS-integrated kitchen and service management solution, Kitchen iQ, providing kitchen and service staff with real-time reporting on order, prep and wait times at site and estate level

        “The feedback from our teams has been really positive; they now have the tools they need to deliver a fantastic experience to our customers, so they return and recommend us to their family and friends”
        Steve Hicks, IT & Hospitality Manager, SA Brains


        SA Brain fully embraced Zonal’s integrated technology and following a comprehensive training programme and successful rollout with the superior knowledge, expertise and support of the Zonal team, the business has seen significant benefits

        This is the integration icon
        183 EPoS installations completed without a hitch or single failure
        Positive feedback from all SA Brain teams
        Enhancement of the customer journey
        This is the customer data icon
        Staff have the tools they need to deliver a fantastic experience to customers
        A smooth and successful transition to a new technology provider

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          CDG future-proofs business with switch to Zonal EPoS

          Introducing Casual Dining Group

          One of the UK’s largest independent restaurant companies

          Brands include Bella Italia, Café Rouge, La Tasca and Las Iguanas

          260 sites across the country

          Locations include leisure parks, shopping centres, airports and high streets

          Serving over 20 million meals each year

          “With a commitment to creating fantastic and memorable customer experiences, and recognising the growing importance of technology, we are keen to be at the forefront of technological innovation. We needed a solution that would future proof our business, give us new tools to engage with our customers, whilst providing robust management information.”

          The business challenge

          On the back of a seismic period of change, Casual Dining Group, which operates some of the UK’s favourite dining brands including Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge and Las Iguanas, recognised an opportunity to review and upgrade its current EPoS provision across the full restaurant estate.

          Significant period of change revealed a need to review and upgrade their EPoS system

          Were looking for a best-in-class, cutting-edge solution to future-proof the business

          Needed a restaurant EPoS solution that could deliver real-time insights to its operators

          “In the past two years, the business has been transformed. We’ve expanded significantly, investing in our existing restaurants, opening new sites and acquiring two businesses. As a result of this ambitious expansion, we chose Zonal to affect a step-change, providing us with a best-in-class solution and real-time management information on performance across our restaurants.”

          The solution

          Following an extensive procurement process and evaluation, Casual Dining Group selected Zonal to provide its entire solution. This included EPoS software used in over 16,000 hospitality businesses throughout the UK.

          • Award-winning EPoS solution rolled out to full estate
          • Pilot programme completed before rolling out to full portfolio
          • Best-in-class technology providing robust, real-time management information across the entire estate


          Zonal’s EPoS solution for restaurants provides CDG with real-time management information on performance across their entire estate, enabling them to plan effectively and make improvements that enhance the overall customer experience.

          Head office teams have total visibility over how the estate is performing
          This is the integration icon
          Complete control over their business
          Robust data and insights enable management to enhance the overall customer experience

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            Newcastle United FC victorious with new tech solution

            Introducing Newcastle United Football Club

            One of the UK’s oldest football clubs dating back to 1892

            St James’ Park has a seating capacity of 52,388

            Eighth largest football stadium in England

            Host to other large events including World Cup Rugby and music concerts

            This is a calendar icon

            Sodexo responsible for food and event management service

            “Using contactless payment is a great way to reduce queues and improve speed of service and we are seeing a growth in demand for automated payments. For example, almost half of the 12,219 cashless transactions during our three World Rugby Cup fixtures, were contactless.”
            Claire Appleby, Commercial Manager, Sodexo

            The business challenge

            Due to the vast crowds of people attending the events at St James’ Park, Sodexo, Newcastle United’s food and events service provider, needed to be able to respond to customer demand as it occurred.

            No live business intelligence showing customer demand hotpots on the ground at peak times

            No insight into the behaviours adopted by fans and guests

            Wanted to tailor rewards and promotions to customers

            “The Zonal team is extremely knowledgeable and is able to serve up solutions that meet our very specific needs.  They are always on hand to offer support and are very much part of our team”
            Claire Appleby, Commercial Manager, Sodexo

            The solution

            The EPoS solution implemented at St James’ Park includes an integrated payment system, with integrated Chip & Pin and contactless functionality as well as a Loyalty system to enable them to understand their customers’ behaviours.

            “Zonal’s EPoS technology has revolutionised the service we offer fans and corporate guests, by giving us valuable live data so that we can respond to specific needs as they arise in the ground.  For example, we can move staff around the ground to peak areas and shift stock items, such as hot dogs, if they’re proving more popular on a particular station.”
            Claire Appleby, Commercial Manager, Sodexo


            Zonal’s technology solution for football stadia has provided Sodexo and Newcastle United Football Club with valuable live data feeds of activity hotpots during events through the EPoS system as well as valuable insight into the preferences and behaviours of fans and event goers through their Loyalty scheme.

            Live data feeds from the EPoS system gives them the ability to provide a responsive service for customers
            This is the integration icon
            Integrated chip and pin and contactless payment speeds up service
            Ability to tailor customer rewards according to customer preferences and behaviours

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              Ambassador Theatre Group takes a bow with Zonal tech

              Introducing Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG)

              Founded in 1992

              The UK’s largest theatre owner and operator

              Operates more than 50 venues across the UK, the US and Germany

              Portfolio includes historic West End theatres such as the Duke of York’s, Harold Pinter, Piccadilly, Savoy, the Apollo Victoria and the Lyceum

              “Our sales activity peaks dramatically in the hour before a show and during the interval when staff can serve several hundred drinks in a very short amount of time, so they need to be well-trained to cope with these bursts of intense sales activity”
              Colin Chester, Buying Manager, ATG

              The business challenge

              With more than eight million customers passing through its doors every year, ATG was looking for ways to use point of sale technology to speed up sales in its bars and restaurants, to reduce queues before performances and during intervals, and improve their customer experiences. They also wanted to upgrade their financial planning and stock taking technology and take back full control of stock taking for all their bars and restaurants.

              Another of ATG’s key requirements was to find a simple way to raise purchase orders for new stock electronically and replace the inefficient and unreliable paper forms theatre managers had to fill in by hand.

              Drive more profit from every visitor

              Control the huge quantities of sales data it generates daily

              Paper-only purchase order forms were filled in by hand

              External suppliers were paid to carry out stock checks

              “A major benefit of Zonal’s approach to training was that staff and managers had lots of opportunities to practice using every function of the technology with experienced trainers on hand to guide us through every eventuality.”
              Colin Chester, Buying Manager, ATG
              This is a Zonal EPoS system

              The solution

              ATG adopted Zonal’s EPoS technology, EPoS hardware with chip and pin devices, as well as an integrated purchase-to-pay solution across its box offices, bars and restaurants. ATG also invested in a bespoke training programme for each venue, which included a two-day management course, intensive live support on the day of installation and practical assistance for the first stock-take.

              • A customised training and support programme was developed for each venue
              • A new purchase-to-pay system with electronic ordering
              • EPoS technology allowing staff to clearly identify drinks that have been pre-ordered
              • Reporting providing intelligence on interval drinks performance by venue

              “Adopting Zonal’s technology has enabled us to take greater control of our business than ever before and made it possible for us to view our company in a completely new way, based on clear facts that are easy to gather”
              Colin Chester, Buying Manager, ATG


              By implementing Zonal’s EPoS technology for theatres and investing in a thorough programme of staff training, ATG has significantly reduced interval congestion and increased the volume of sales. Their new purchase ordering system makes it much easier for their accounts team to process orders and means prices are always consistent and up-to-date. After a successful implementation, ATG is now trialling an integrated loyalty card system to gather information about customer buying behaviours.

              Bespoke training has ensured staff have a thorough understanding of the system and the knowledge they need to train new members of staff.
              This is the integration icon
              Venue managers can now create electronic orders for supplies
              Increased sales during intervals
              This is the customer data icon
              A reduction in queues at the bar has improved the overall customer experience
              Reports on interval drinks performance by venue are used to design initiatives to improve performance across all venues.
              “Using the system’s sales reports, we can now see how each of our venues is performing at any time, and that is extremely important for us, particularly as we grow, to ensure we support every part of the group in the most productive ways. The intelligence we receive from the system at the end of every day, week and month is being used to inform our plans and helping us to develop new and effective ways of working and marketing ourselves.”
              Colin Chester, Buying Manager, ATG

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                Zonal adds Yumpingo to its partner network

                This is Yumpingo's logo, a Zonal partner

                Zonal has added Yumpingo, the fast growing restaurant intelligence supplier, to its partnership programme, creating a more streamlined feedback journey for Zonal and Yumpingo customers.

                Yumpingo adds to an impressive list of partners who integrate with Zonal’s technology, and offers customers access to the future of granular, guest-driven insights. The partnership refines the guest review experience by showing only the dishes ordered within the Yumpingo device, giving Zonal customers the most reliable, real-time pool of data for decision-making.

                Yumpingo CEO and founder Gary Goodman, said: “Zonal and Yumpingo share a common vision to connect the guest journey from first visit to loyal repeat customer. Yumpingo is now able to provide all Zonal customers with a new lens to enable their teams to use instant guest feedback to serve more happiness each and every day.”

                Chris Hill, CEO of New World Trading Company explained: “Having Yumpingo and Zonal integrated in our sites means we can present a digital bill to our guests that leads to a short review based on their experience and specifically the dishes they ordered. In return, we get rich live data linked to their bill, and their server, allowing us to make data-driven decisions to grow the business. It’s such a powerful tool for our entire team and we look forward to the future development and innovation within this partnership.”

                Zonal’s chief executive, Stuart McLean, said: “As a leading innovator of technology solutions, we understand the importance of giving our customers access to our strategic technology partners.

                “We are delighted to welcome Yumpingo to our partnership programme, which features many of the leading names in hospitality technology.”

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                  EPoS rollout is smooth sailing for Stonegate

                  Introducing Stonegate

                  Established in 2010

                  The largest privately held managed pub operator in the UK

                  12,000 employees

                  772 pubs and bars

                  Brands include Slug & Lettuce, Walkabout and Yates

                  “We were looking for a partner that was able to implement a new system quickly and effectively with minimal impact on our dynamic business and training was key.”
                  Dave Ross, Chief Financial Officer, Stonegate

                  The business challenge

                  Stonegate was looking for a new EPoS system that fully integrated into its existing Loyalty scheme and sought a provider that could install and roll out the technology as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to the business.

                  Needed EPoS software that integrated into Loyalty scheme

                  Wanted a quick, pain-free rollout across the entire estate

                  Required no disruption to the business

                  Required peace of mind from comprehensive training provider

                  The solution

                  Zonal’s EPoS solution was installed into Stonegate’s existing terminals, together with the introduction of Zonal’s system in both back and head office and the complete integration of the Stonegate’s loyalty scheme and app.

                  • The ambitious rollout programme included a 40 site trial
                  • A rapid implementation phase converting 60+ sites per week
                  • To ensure all sites were installed and ready for trading, Zonal hosted bespoke training sessions prior to going live
                  • Zonal provided onsite support on the day of switchover

                  “This was a major investment for us, which required minimum disruption to the business. Having a Zonal representative on site on day one was extremely important to make sure that the pub could continue to trade and that the team were supported through this important change. The Zonal helpline was key to ensuring our team had the right back-up and support”
                  Dave Ross, Chief Financial Officer, Stonegate


                  Zonal’s unique approach to training and support throughout the installation and rollout process gave Stonegate confidence and peace of mind that the switchover to Zonal technology would be completed as quickly as possible.

                  This is a clock icon
                  Rollout to all sites completed in 3 months
                  Staff can spend less time back-of-house dealing with admin, and more time front-of-house looking after customers.
                  Full support provided throughout the rollout process
                  Onsite support provided on go-live day

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                    McManus Pub Company evolves from tech dinosaur to cutting-edge operator

                    Introducing McManus Pubs

                    Founded in over 40 years ago

                    Operates 17 venues across Northampton, Middlesex and Leigh-on-Sea

                    Offer a diverse range of venues, from wet-led pubs to snooker clubs

                    Pubs are bursting with character, real ale and great pub food

                    “We’ve gone from an old till and spreadsheet system to a modern day, integrated system. It’s made a fundamental difference in improving our business. Overnight it’s changed the way we do business.”
                    Chris Wright, Financial & Commercial Director, McManus Pub Company

                    The business challenge

                    McManus were using outdated systems that relied on a lot of manual tasks and Excel spreadsheets. This meant that core tasks took much longer than necessary.

                    Bookings were being manually added to a spreadsheet

                    McManus wanted greater access to business data to enable them to make more informed strategic commercial decisions

                    Stock taking was a slow, laborious effort

                    “I don’t want a portfolio of systems that don’t talk to each other. I want a frictionless system, where communication flows like a river, no dams, no obstacles. And Zonal is the bedrock of that.”
                    Chris Wright, Financial & Commercial Director, McManus Pub Company
                    This is Zonal's loyalty solution for McManus Pubs

                    The solution

                    McManus Pub Company chose Zonal as its new technology partner, with Zonal’s Aztec EPoS system at the heart of operations. Acquire, Zonal’s integrated purchase to pay solution that gives end-to-end, real-time visibility over every aspect of stock management, was also implemented across the business. By partnering with Zonal, McManus benefits from:

                    • A powerful EPoS that integrates with other existing systems
                    • Insightful reporting and business analytics
                    • Quick and convenient ordering from tables
                    • A centralised, cloud-based reservations diary, giving customers the ability to book quickly 24/7 from any connected device
                    • An integrated stock and order solution
                    • Complete control and visibility over ordering requirements and status
                    • Automated reconciliation between goods in and stock levels

                    “The future for us is exploring modules around the EPoS system further. Now we have the bedrock and it’s part of our infrastructure we can extract the value out of it. One of our shareholders says it’s like driving a Porsche – we know there’s a lot more under the hood, now it’s time to get out of 1st gear!”
                    Chris Wright, Financial & Commercial Director, McManus Pub Company


                    Upgrading to Zonal has given McManus a huge range of benefits across every level of the business.

                    Local managers now work more efficiently, only needing to input information into the systems once
                    This is a clock icon
                    Staff can spend less time back-of-house dealing with admin, and more time front-of-house looking after customers.
                    Smooth professional booking due to a centralised diary and bookings kept in real time
                    of wet and dry purchases now processed through Acquire, reducing waste and optimising order process time

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