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Aztec Overview

Our EPoS solutions are designed to fit the demanding and diverse requirements of the hospitality industry, providing maximum efficiency, delivering valuable savings and ensuring you have tighter control.

For over 37 years we have helped hospitality companies achieve their business goals, our unique and market leading Aztec EPoS solution has been developed to be an essential part of any hospitality business.

Our Aztec EPoS system is a collection of business modules that enables you to run an efficient and profitable business. Whether you are a large chain of restaurants, a small ambitious group of pubs or starting your new coffee shop venture, with our system you benefit from all Aztec functionality as all modules are included within our EPoS solution. Our system can be tailored around your individual requirements enabling Aztec to offer any business a dedicated solution to drive profitability and efficiency.

Aztec modules include Finance, Deposits and Sales Ledger

Finance Management

Zonal’s finance solution provides a complete cash management solution delivering detailed reports on all cash movements within your business, helping you to assess your business performance over configurable periods.

Finance data can be exported into accounting systems ensuring that data is only entered once at site level with the ability to verify at Enterprise level.

Our truly integrated solution enables you to record all daily cash movements, produce official hard-copy cash declarations and obtain reports on a variety of key business performance areas, eliminating the need for manual intervention and spreadsheets.

Detailed configuration options allow different methods of operation to fit with multiple brands across an estate.

Finance module functionality includes:

  • Banking – record all monies sent to the bank including cheques and foreign currency
  • Change Received – enter all monies received into the site as change deliveries
  • Counts – perform counts for all repositories – safes, floats, money belts and ATMs
  • Declarations – declare all terminals and money belt users at the end of a session including integrated EFT reconciliation
  • Floats – set-up and create floats for the POS and money belts
  • Miscellaneous Expenses – all petty cash expenses recording type and amounts
  • Miscellaneous Income – any cash income that has not been raised via the POS
  • Safe Transfers – transfer money between multiple safes on site
  • Uplift – record cash uplifted entered via the POS terminal
  • ATM Operations – float, deploy, declare and control ATM cassettes used on site
  • Machine Collections / Refills – perform machine refills and collections used on site
  • Banking Collection – record bankings that are collected by third party security companies
  • Sign Off – sign off the business day or week to commit all financial figures

Features include:

  • Real-time updates of sales and cash from EPoS
  • Complete cash management
  • Foreign currency support
  • Comprehensive range of fully configurable daily, weekly and period reports at both Site and Enterprise
  • Graphical representations of all report data that can be drilled-down to focus on chosen business aspects
  • Integration to third party accounting packages
  • Wizard driven functions
  • Sign off conditions
  • Simple user interface

Aztec modules include Staff and Security and Time and Attendance

People Management

Whether you need to define job types within your business, manage staff information, create weekly staff rotas or monitor payroll, the Time and Attendance module can assist.

Our built-in employee performance analysis enables you to set and monitor sales and performance targets for your employees, whilst our comprehensive reporting function allows you to view detailed reports for days, weeks or any specified period.

Reducing the time required for internal procedures will ultimately increase efficiency and profit for your business.

Features include:

  • Automated payroll features
  • Seamlessly joins to existing payroll packages
  • Automatic warnings for employee working hours
  • Staff timings and attendance
  • Management of staffing levels
  • Employee performance analysis

Aztec modules include Product, Pricing and Promotions

Product & Price Management

The Aztec Product module allows creation of all product ranges including recipes, purchase information and product choices enabling a comprehensive product selection on all sales channels i.e. EPoS, iServe, web channels and apps.

Aztec Pricing creates the estates standard tariff pricing structures. Each site or sales area within a site can have its own unique price band or be allocated multiple price bands.

Aztec holds all selling prices which can simply be exported to Excel, edited and imported back to enable quick price changes. In addition, the ability to set up future dated prices to eliminate any last minute manual price updates.

Pricing Module includes:

  • Limitless price bands
  • Multiple price bands per site
  • Future date price changes
  • Instant price changes
  • Export/Import to Excel
  • Price changes by £ or %

Off Band Pricing

The Promotions module in Aztec allows the ability to create very simple or complex promotions following a number of different rules and easy-to-use configuration options. Promotions can be created in minutes for a single site or an entire estate following the step-by-step wizard setup.

At site promotions can be trigged manually, card swipe or by scanning a barcode or QR code. Discounts are added to the EPoS screen and can be given security for authorised front of house users.

Promotions features include:

  • Multi-Buy promotions
  • Timed promotions
  • BOGOF promotions
  • Event promotions
  • Card swipe driven promotions
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Automatic or manual activation
  • Enterprise or Site created
  • Fixed rate discounts

Reporting & Business Analysis

Dimensions Reporter is a powerful reporting tool that gives you the ability to harness the power of your business data.

The data held in the Aztec EPoS database can be combined with data from other sources, such as budgets held in spreadsheets, to provide a complete reporting solution across the entire business. This provides a single source for information retrieval giving a consistent view of business data.

Dimensions Reporter incorporates many features that make reporting both simple to use but powerful enough to interrogate and analyse data to provide information to drive real business benefits.

Dimensions – Enterprise Reporting and Publishing

A powerful head office reporting tool that allows flexible reporting on all data. Custom reports and graphs can be produced and all information can be drilled-down for further analysis. Site reporting analyses the EPoS data that is present on-site and drill-down functionality for further detail on audit, employees, financial controls and product sales information.

Dimensions Publisher is a companion product that allows automation of report distribution via emails or static web pages on a scheduled basis to keep the entire organisation up to date with the latest facts and figures.

Business Analysis

Aztec data can provide feeds to multiple business software applications for a fully integrated approach. Exports include:

  • Payroll Export – allows the export of employee pay rates and working hours from Aztec to third party Payroll applications and Pay Rate Codes can be allocated to link directly to the chosen payroll system
  • Finance Export – allows the export of financial data to third party Accounts systems in the most convenient format for your Accounts package
  • Purchase Export – allows the export of purchase related data (product account and sub-category, nominal codes, etc.) to third party Accounts systems in the most convenient format for your Accounts package
  • Tariff Generator – an easy-to-use application which creates Site Price Lists for all your venues


Aztec modules include Purchasing and Stocks

Stock Management

The accuracy of your business intelligence is only as detailed as your stock system and Aztec Stock is one of the most powerful around.

Stocktaking is a key procedure for any busy hospitality venue. The requirement to undertake this process at regular intervals means it is a key area worth investing in so opportunities for measurable improvements in speed and effectiveness are fully explored.

Aztec Stock can report on stock holding, usage, portion size and recipe ingredients enabling you to reduce stock holding and increase margins. Assistance is also supported by context-sensitive online help software, which provides procedural information, system overviews and relevant tips and troubleshooting.

Features include:

  • Multiple stock threads including wet, food, merchandise and retail goods
  • Two-tier hierarchy stock count on each product group enabling internal and external audits
  • The external audit count process automatically creates an internal stock result updating the site stock with accurate counts
  • Ability to create multiple stock locations for tighter accuracy
  • Record wastage by individual or prepared items
  • Monitor individual product lines during a stock period via POS or back office
  • Comprehensive reporting

Mobile Stocks

The Mobile Stocks application makes stock counting easier, more efficient and accurate from a mobile device, easily facilitating counting by location, all tightly integration with Aztec Stock. Mobile Stocks eliminates the need for printed count sheets and manual count entries into Aztec.  The stocktaking process is simplified with all counts fed directly into Aztec Stocks.

Easy to use and very flexible, Mobile Stocks enables the stock count to be carried out by selecting products from the list, searching for items or by scanning the product’s barcode using the integrated scanner (hardware dependent).

Theme Modelling

The Theme Modelling module in Aztec manages POS theme designs with layouts of all buttons, security and colours. The behaviour of the POS is also controlled within the module allowing for many bespoke configuration sets on a terminal by terminal basis.

Maintaining a small or large estate becomes an easy task utilising features such as shared panels, panel variations and timed changes. Menu planning, seasonal changes and special events can all be configured in advance ensuring every site has the correct items at the right time.

Theme Modelling also allows sites to configure relevant products applicable to that location.

Features include:

  • Multiple theme panel designs
  • Shared panels
  • Panel variations
  • Site panels
  • Timed changes
  • Configuration sets
  • Estate-wide printing control

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We take your privacy seriously and will never pass your details on to third parties. When you contact us we will store your personal details to contact you. You can read our full privacy policy here