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Rockfish sees Zonal's EPoS as catch of the day

Introducing Rockfish

Group of 9 seafood restaurants, based along the coasts of Devon and Dorset

Aim to get the freshest fish as quickly as possible to their restaurants

Founded and ran by best friends Mitch Tonks and Mat Prowse

Won ‘Best Independent Restaurant’ twice at the National Fish & Chip Awards

“Zonal has played its part in our growth and our success of the business, because it has really helped us deliver. It’s been a really solid platform to work with”
Mat Prowse, Operations Director & Co-founder, Rockfish

The business challenge

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The solution

Having worked together for a number of years, Zonal’s solution has helped Rockfish create an overall picture of how the business is built, and will continue to help shape the business moving forward.

Supporting Rockfish with a wide range of technology, such as our EPoS, Zonal provides a robust and reliable suite of solutions to help the team at Rockfish manage every aspect of their business – both front of house and operationally. In particular, Rockfish have benefitted from data capture and reporting functionality, providing them with detailed oversight of a number of areas within the business, such as stock levels and sales reports, enabling them to fine tune their business.

For Rockfish, technology that simply works in the background and doesn’t interfere with their overall guest experience is incredibly important, as it allows their staff to provide excellent customer service and ensures their guests have a great experience in-venue.

The addition of an Order and Pay app helped Rockfish adapt to the challenges faced during the pandemic, but has also added a valuable new ordering channel, responding to the needs of the digital diner.

“The app, which has been really useful in recent times through people paying and reordering orders very simply. I feel smaller independents can really use this technology as well.”
Mat Prowse, Operations Director & Co-founder, Rockfish


Supports business growth
Enables Rockfish to respond to changing consumer trends
Robust reporting and insights functionality
Helps provide a seamless customer service
Supports customer data collection
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Speeds up efficiency
“Technology for any business in this day and age is a really important factor to consider. In restaurants especially, it’s all about the guest experience.”
Mat Prowse, Operations Director & Co-founder, Rockfish

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