TiPJAR is the UK’s leading cashless tipping and automated tronc platform that enables tips and service charges to be distributed fairly, transparently, and in full compliance with new tipping legislation.

Seamlessly integrates into your workflows

The world’s only solution that effortlessly integrates into your existing payment flows for a streamlined tipping experience.

Designed for enterprise

TiPJAR offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique needs of large-scale businesses.

Financial tech built like a bank

With robust financial technology at its core, TiPJAR offers a secure and reliable platform, built to meet the highest compliance standards.

A solution for any kind of business

From restaurants to hotels, TiPJAR is the go-to solution for any kind of business looking to revolutionise their tip management.

Competitive & compliant pay enhancements

Elevate your recruitment and retention efforts by paying your team their tips and tronc more efficiently and strategically.

TiPJAR’s SuperTronc introduces a strategic pay enhancement model that pays your team more for their hard work, contributing to recruitment and retention goals.

  • Daily splits ensure that each team member is fairly rewarded for their daily contributions
  • This system incentivizes staff to deliver exceptional service consistently, making your business an appealing choice for job seekers
  • By strategically paying your team more, SuperTronc not only enhances recruitment efforts but also fosters a culture of satisfaction and loyalty, reducing turnover rates and contributing to long-term success

Build trust with total transparency

Redefine the tipping experience by providing real-time visibility, fostering camaraderie among team members, and offering comprehensive details about tip sharing and tronc policies.

With our system, the tip-sharing process becomes transparent and straightforward.

  • The system provides a detailed breakdown of each team member’s share, creating a transparent and fair distribution process.
  • Tronc policies are accessible at all times within the system, allowing employees to understand the process thoroughly.
  • Monthly payslips, including tax details, are provided, offering a comprehensive overview of their earnings.
  • During the onboarding process, detailed information about point allocation (if any) is shared, ensuring a clear understanding of the rewards system from the beginning.

Save on national insurance contributions

TiPJAR’s solutions not only streamline tip administration but also provide a strategic approach to nics, maximising cost-effectiveness for both businesses and staff.

We worked closely with HMRC to develop our solution and they agree that tips collected through TiPJAR’s cashless solutions are cash-equivalent, exempting businesses and staff from National Insurance Contributions (NICs).

  • Cash Equivalent tips are treated the same as cash tips, alleviating the business’s tax responsibility, with the onus falling on the staff.
  • By keeping tips separate from business revenue, Cashless Tipping ensures that there are no NICs for either party, contributing to substantial cost savings.
  • SuperTronc is designed to be fully compliant with the upcoming tipping legislation.
  • By utilising a compliant tronc policy, businesses can eliminate or reduce NICs associated with traditional tipping models.
  • We have even helped businesses recover historical NICs of over £5M.
  • Our solution not only streamlines tip administration but also provides a strategic approach to NICs, enhancing financial efficiency for both businesses and staff.

What other brands say about working with TiPJAR

“Despite having always successfully managed our Tronc system in house, and being proud of our 100% pay out, the new legislation has meant we wanted to be even more transparent for our teams. The TiPJAR solution is one we have admired for a while, and a move this year felt the right time. The easy to use solution will give access to funds for our teams much more regularly than they are used to, and has allowed us to move to monthly pay to support their financial health.”
Hannah Plumb, Talent & Culture Director, The Alchemist
“We’ve decided to implement TiPJAR for many reasons but ultimately the fact that it’s a complete hands-off approach with TiPJAR as our Troncmaster is key. Then, with our teams’ easy access to their tips and everything being completely fair and transparent in line with the new legislation, it’s a great step for us!”
Karl Jolly, People Director, New World Trading Company

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