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Brewery Point of Sale Checklist

According to the recent figures, roughly 200 new breweries opened in the UK in the past year due to a direct consumer response for better quality, better flavour, and unique beer styles. Craft breweries can offer just that, as crowds flock to breweries to relax, catch up with friends and experience the authenticity of a brand. Choosing the right EPoS system for your brewery can be a very different process to that of a traditional bar or restaurant. Each brewery looks for different things, from reporting, mobile ordering from anywhere in your venue to customer loyalty. The right EPoS system will help your team work efficiently, manage costs, boost profit, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Brewery Point of Sale Checklist


Whether you brew your own craft beer or stock bottles and cans, keeping track of inventory is an important function of your point of sale system. Inventory management allows you to monitor product stocks to make sure you never run out of customer favourites, see which beers aren’t selling well, and give you knowledge which lines to discontinue. Zonal’s EPoS system allows you to add new product lines, change prices quickly and track their success.


Your EPoS system should be much more than an electronic cash register. Each customer transaction offers valuable intelligence that should be vital to your business. Whether you opened your brewery out of business savvy or a love of craft beer, our EPoS reporting module gives you an understanding of your cash flow. Reporting allows you to analyse staff performance, schedule rota’s and really use your data to take control and build efficiencies. Our built-in reporting flexibility allows you to create and receive reports on the go, schedule regular reports and have them sent to your inbox. Go beyond spreadsheets and use graphical reporting to give visual representations of your brewery’s performance.


Do you offer table service? Handheld tablets can make a huge difference to your business. Servers are quicker and more productive with handhelds. They can input orders at the tables while the customer is speaking, minimising errors. Bartenders and servers do not need to write down orders or try to keep them in their short-term memory as they wait in line at the EPoS station. Small touchscreen tablets allow bartenders and servers to keep up with the customers and place orders in real time. Faster order input means faster order delivery, which means more profits for your brewery.


Looking to bring in customers for happy hour? Run promotions like BOGOF or timed discounts to attract customers and control your sales. Your brewery EPoS system should make promotions a breeze. Set happy hour pricing to immediately go into effect at 4pm on Friday. Create different promotions that you can set with a push of a button. Your EPoS system should make your life easier, not harder!


It’s 2023 and paper punch cards are now a thing of the past. Your customers want to be rewarded for their loyalty in unique ways. Customer rewards have now turned digital, with rewards distributed via app or web. Digital loyalty programmes also allow you to use your customer data for marketing, help you understand your demographics and give your customer personalised rewards. Why give the same reward to a customer who comes just once a month and the frequent customer who comes every Friday and buys multiple beers?

Choosing a brewery EPoS system is an important decision that can have a dramatic effect on your efficiency and profits. Here at Zonal, we want to help you make the right choice. Our EPoS system allows you to make the most out of each customer transaction, using the data to understand your business and keep those customers coming back. We want to support your business every step of the way and allow you to reach your full potential.

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