Zonal's advanced reporting and insight tool, Dimensions+

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This is Zonal's Business Analytics and Reporting solution
Dimensions+ offers a new way to view and analyse all your EPoS and business data in one single view.

Complimenting the Dimensions reporting module that comes as standard to Zonal’s EPoS solution, Dimensions+ integrates with Power BI to bring your EPoS data to life with bespoke views and dashboards.

Avoid time wasted logging into multiple platforms, as Dimensions+ gives you one version of the truth, combining a variety of different data sources such as your accounting systems, payroll and customer feedback in one platform.

Quickly identify trends and areas that require immediate action, view all aspects of your EPoS data, track KPIs, compare year on year sales figures and map your brands’ performance.

Unlike other reporting providers, Dimensions+ is supported by Zonal’s help centre and same-day set-up means you could be viewing your business analytics within hours.

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