Provenance Inns transforms guest experiences and operations with Zonal's High Level PMS

Introducing The Provenance Collection

Founded in 2010

9 distinctive venues across North Yorkshire

Ranging from village pubs and inns to 25-room boutique hotels and private shooting lodges

Emphasis on locally sourced, fresh produce

“We wanted something user-friendly with a good support network and ultimately the ability to manage remotely. With the head-office function, we can set pricing, analyse sales data and manage everything back-of-house centrally.”
Chris Cartledge, Former Head of Operations, Provenance Collection

The business challenge

With a commitment to excellence in customer service, accessibility, and the delivery of exceptional value to their guests and community, the Provenance team needed a solution that could replace three separate systems to manage their accommodation operating across all nine sites.

It became evident that they required a versatile and robust PMS that could meet their needs, including the provision of reliable data, the standardisation of pricing structures across all nine of their diverse venues, the centralisation of essential data, and the simplification of user management processes.

A strong support element was also a must for the Provenance team, as was the ability to manage the system remotely, enabling their head office team to manage pricing, access detailed reporting on sales performance and control back-of-house operations.

By embracing Zonal’s High-Level Property Management System, Provenance aimed to streamline their operations, ensuring that they could consistently deliver top-tier experiences to their guests.

“Having a fully integrated tech stack is really useful, it helps us share data across different departments within the business, but more importantly, allows us to move that data towards marketing and attracting new guests.”
Chris Cartledge, Former Head of Operations, Provenance Collection

The solution

As an established Zonal EPoS customer, the adoption of Zonal’s PMS solution, High Level, was a straightforward and seamless process for the Provenance Collection, with support from the HLS team throughout the transition resulting in a smooth rollout with no issues for their front-of-house staff. The integration of Zonal’s High Level PMS with their existing Zonal EPoS system and Airship CRM allowed them to easily capture and utilise data centrally, enabling them to deliver more effective, targeted marketing to their guests.

This transition enabled them to overcome the complexities that can arise with multiple and diverse venues to manage, providing them with a unified and efficient approach to property management, pricing, and user administration across their expanding estate.

With their integrated suite of solutions now in place, the Provenance team has benefitted from centralised reporting across the entire business, enabling them to forecast, budget, and identify data trends for smarter decision making.

The Provenance Collection now benefit from:

  • A powerful integrated EPoS system with robust reporting functionality utilised across their entire estate
  • A fully integrated PMS with reporting used to manage accommodation across nine venues
  • A scalable and user-friendly solution
  • Detailed reporting and analytics that can be shared easily with key stakeholders within the business
  • A fully integrated hospitality CRM that enables greater usage of customer data to drive more effective digital marketing campaigns. Data is collated centrally from  EPoS, PMS, Bookings, and even guest WiFi.
  • Full access to dedicated support, available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 8am – 12pm

“The ability to share data across all of our sites and use it centrally was important to us. We have the full suite of Zonal products, we have been users of Zonal’s EPoS system and Airship for several years now, implementing HLS has really tied the whole piece together.”
Chris Cartledge, Former Head of Operations, Provenance Collection


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Efficient operations with reduced errors
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Simplified transaction allocation to guest rooms
Comprehensive reporting spanning the entire business
Central management of reservations and room pricing
Better decision-making

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