From Plan to Plate Insight Report

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Influencing the hospitality customer journey in a new world

The shape of hospitality has changed forever. One thing, however, never changes and that is the importance of understanding the way in which customers think and behave. Influencing these thoughts and behaviours is becoming harder as they, and the world around them, changes.

To better support hospitality operators and brands as they adapt to the world we now live in, we are pleased to deliver this research report, together with KAM Media, which tracks the hospitality customer’s decision process, from plan to plate.

The report follows the customer journey – from the initial decision to leave the house and venue choice through to ordering, paying and finally leaving a review.

Download the report to discover:

  • The new post-pandemic customer journey
  • How digitalisation of the customer journey is accelerating
  • What the new go-to channels are for consumers researching for places to eat and drink
  • Customer preferences, expectations and frustrations in a post-lockdown world
  • And much more…

About the data

This report is based on research findings from a sample of 1,004 nationally representative UK hospitality customers, aged 18 or over. The research was conducted from 2–6 April 2021.

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