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What makes people loyal to hospitality and how venues can maintain their loyalty

With sporting venues and stadia bringing in a high footfall of people all thirsty for a good game and great service, it’s crucial that even though you can’t guarantee a win, you can make sure your service comes up triumphs.

For sporting venues such as stadia bringing in tens of thousands of people per week and hosting a number of big events, speed of service is pivotal. The GO Technology report commissioned by Zonal and CGA states 47% of the 5,000 UK adults polled; cite speed of service as their biggest frustration when eating or drinking out. In addition, 36% have said speed is the reason they use mobile devices to pre-order and pay for food and drink.

Ultimately fans want to feel the service is quick and effortless enabling them to focus on the game or performance without fear they might become hurled up in a long queue and miss the action. With this in mind more and more businesses are shifting to technology for not only quicker service but for increased security with real-time awareness of current stock holding and management to maximise revenue opportunities and drive fan engagement.

Zonal’s customer, Claire Appleby, Commercial Manager at Sodexo, Newcastle United’s food and event management service provider, said:

“When at a football match or concert, nobody wants to wait for their snacks or drinks”

With a short window for half time, cashless payment is key, with 22% opting for pre-order and online payment during busy trading times or for convenience. Although, many people still opt for cash payments, it’s becoming a lot more common to just tap or swipe and move on. Therefore, having the latest payment system which supports chip and pin and contactless, including Apple pay is integral to assist a large volume of sales in a short period of time .

General Manager of catering at Historic Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club, based at Trent Bridge, Jason Hollingworth said since introducing  Zonal:

“We are advertising the new service and expect that we will very soon be a 50:50 cash / card business, which is great news for everyone, as we can serve more people, quicker.”

Claire Appleby, reinforced the need for a quick and efficient payment system:

“Almost half of the 12,219 cashless transactions during our three World Rugby Cup fixtures, were contactless”

Zonal has become the trusted solution for Trent Bridge, Forest, Newcastle United and many more high footfall venues, specialising in providing tailored systems to fit the exact requirements of the client to provide immediate results so they can deliver a fantastic and speedy service that won’t go flat for their excited fans.  Zonal provides a solution for each step of the eating and drinking journey, enhancing and streamlining the full experience on game day. Find out how we can make your EPoS system a clear winner by viewing our case studies.

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