Is order and pay here to stay?

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly put digital solutions at centre stage in the customer journey. As operators across all sectors of the industry put a laser focus on safety measures and managing cash flow in order to survive, we’ve seen an explosion of innovative revenue streams and ordering channels – many of which have been made possible through technology.

Most notable of these have been order and pay at table solutions – from apps to web ordering, which, prior to the Coronavirus pandemic were still emerging technologies – used mainly by early adopters – both operator and consumer. Zonal and CGA’s GO Technology research programme has been tracking the adoption of order and pay technology over the past two years, and findings from the most recent study show that the percentage of UK adults using order and pay tech has more than doubled since before the pandemic – up from 18% to 43%.

Satisfied customers

And consumers have reacted positively to the new ordering channel. Just over three quarters (77%) say they have been satisfied or very satisfied with the ease of ordering, and even more (79%) with the ease and speed of payment – a notorious and recurring pain point for customers in hospitality venues.

Safety first

Whilst order and pay was previously viewed with scepticism by some as a replacement to human interaction, it has in fact, enhanced the customer experience and served to provide reassurance for customers around safety issues. According to the 5,000 UK adults surveyed: nearly nine in ten (86%) of those who used order and pay solutions reported that their interaction with staff was the same or better than it was before lockdown, and 40% of consumers say they feel safer in venues that use order and pay technology. A further third (34%) stated that they would be more likely to visit a venue that has order and pay technology.

The future

So is order and pay here to stay? With current adoption almost doubling compared to pre-COVID times and almost half of 18-44 year-olds intending to use the technology going forward, even when COVID measures no longer need to be implemented, we say yes.

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