Zonal's 24/7 online reservations tool, liveRES

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This is Zonal's online booking system
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This is the online booking system by Zonal
45% of consumers prefer to make their bookings online compared to 20% who prefer the phone. Zonal’s online booking solution, liveRES, allows reservations to be made online on any device at any time of night or day, helping you maximise your capacity and improve profits.

Our online booking widget shows real-time availability at your venue, eliminating the risk of double bookings whilst email and SMS table booking confirmations and reminders ensure no-shows are kept to a minimum.

Fully customisable to your brand, the liveRES online booking solution ensures only your branding and logos are seen and not those of any confusing third parties. As you own 100% of your customer data you can build a detailed picture of your customer and their preferences. This level of customer insight allows you to make informed decisions and create personalised marketing campaigns.

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