EPoS Stocks - Overview

The EPoS Stocks Overview workshop is a face-to-face full day workshop with one of our expert trainers. By the end of this training session you will be able to demonstrate knowledge of inventory management, audit entry, stock analysis; including investigation of variances and monitoring profit margins and post audit management.

Helping to give you an understanding of the Stocks module within Zonal’s EPoS system, the Introduction to Stocks training course is delivered by our certified trainers either in Edinburgh, Oxfordshire (see our offices) or at a location and time to suit you. This course can also be fully customised to help you get the most out of your Stock system.

Our training programmes are accredited to a gold standard by the Learning and Performance Institute ensuring we deliver the best training possible tailored to you and your business needs.

What you will learn

  • How to manage all inventory administration and correct mistakes to ensure accurate stock taking
  • How to create a stock period, edit dates and manage units. Learn about audit entry best practice and how to optimise efficiency when completing counts.
  • How to undertake a stock analysis, view site and staff performance and generate an overall audit result which will identify key variances, trends and profit losses.
  • How to manage and monitor your stocks post-audit once key variances have been detected to further identify trends and pinpoint occurrences. Learn how this can be managed by both front and back of house to help maintain healthy profit margins and percentages.
  • How the creation of count locations can make the overall count process more efficient by allowing you to manage your own count sheets based on location and quantities.
  • How to create count locations, set up mobile stocks on a dedicated device which creates greater efficiency and allows more time for stock analysis.

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