The Generation Gap – personalisation and expectations of different generations

Personalisation is becoming increasingly more important for hospitality venues to get right. Our recent GO Technology research report into consumer views on personalisation in hospitality revealed that 80% of consumers are now interested in some form of personalisation from the pubs, bars and restaurants they visit, presenting hospitality with a variety of opportunities to drive further engagement and loyalty from their customers.

But how do these expectations differ between different groups of consumers? Are there any points of similarity? As with differences between the genders, interest in personalisation can vary widely with age.

Our findings highlighted some notable differences in both interest in receiving personalised experiences, and what forms they’d like these personalised experiences to take, particularly between the younger generation (18-24) and older consumers (55+).

The research also discovered how different generations prefer to share data with the brands they engage with, providing some useful food for thought for savvy operators looking to enhance their customer journey with personalisation!

Discover the differences in expectations from personalisation between generations.

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